Applying payment to an invoice on prodigy

Applying payment to an invoice on prodigy

Read Time: 2 minutes

Posted on Sat, Oct 16 2021

After sending an invoice, receiving payment is the next on the list of the invoicing process. The prodigy invoice makes it possible to record payment against a generated invoice. As payment is applied, the system keeps a history of payment for easy reconciliation and audit purposes.

Follow the steps below to apply a payment to an invoice

Step 1: Log in to the school portal

Step 2: Navigate to the Finance section on the main menu

Step 3: Click Invoice (a menu under Finance)

Step 4: Click Invoices (a sub-menu of Invoice)

Step 5: Click the Manage Invoice button on the generated invoice of interest

Step 6: Click the Invoice Options button in the top right corner of the page

Step 7: Click the Apply Payment option

Step 8: Fill in all required fields

  • Payment status - select a payment status full payment or a part payment
  • Amount paid - enter the amount paid
  • Payment method - select a payment method

Step 9: Click the Save button

Note: Payment applied can only be deleted within the same day it was applied.