Benefits Of Using Prodigy School Management Software

See how schools are benefiting by using Prodigy School Management Software

All Results Ready In 45 Minutes

Gone are the days of students/pupils results taking more than 1 week to be ready. By using Prodigy School Management Software, the entire school's result can be ready and generated in 45minutes irrespective of the number of students/pupils in the school.

Digital Records

By using Prodigy School Management Software, records (Academic & Non-academic) are digitized and can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device with an internet connection. Also Prodigy School Management Software provides schools the option to digitize old academic records. Be it a record of over 25years, Prodigy School Management Software can handle that without any glitches.

Accounting & Fraud Prevention

Prodigy School Management Software has a comprehensive accounting module to manage school finances. With an informative dashboard that displays the inflow and outflow of cash, all finanancial activities (budget, expenses, income, donations, contributions, salaries, fees paid and many more) are being recorded and audited to ensure a transparent financial record and prevent fraud.

Parental Involvement

From the comfort of their home/office, parents can now check their child’s result, and monitor their activities and performance through their device (mobile phone, PC, laptop or Tablets) and also do (Cognitive, Behavioral, Psycho-motive, Progress) performance analysis while comparing different terms' results at a glance.

Communication & Collaboration

Schools can communicate with parents, students and staff seamlessly via Prodigy School Management Software Internal Message System, or the intelligent SMS module which provides different SMS sending options and a unique feature to schedule message(s) to be sent at a particular time of the day.

Unified School System

Gone are the days of having fragmented school system and sections and not being able to manage and keep track of everything happening in the school. With Prodigy School Management Software, all academic and non - academic related sections of your school, which may include Inventory, Attendance, Transportation, Library, Hostel, Medical systems and many more, can now be managed from one platform.

Curriculum and academic report

Every school runs a different school curriculum and a unique academic report system for their students/pupils. Prodigy School Management Software supports different types of school curriculums (American, British, IPC) and academic reporting systems. (End of term, weekly, Midterm, IGCSE and many more).

Information System

With Prodigy School Management Software providing a robust information system to manage parent, student and staff information, this data is always available and accessible by an authorized user. It can also be updated as the information changes.