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(6) Core Modules + (16) Additional Modules


Create and manage exams (entrance examination, recruitment test, school exam etc.). Set exam questions; MCQ (Multiple choice questions) and Essay Questions. CBT Platform inclusive.


Create and manage continuous assessments (projects, quiz, test, homework etc.). Teachers and students can create and contribute to discussions in addition to uploading, sharing and downloading course materials.


Create and manage termly scheme of work for different subjects. Create and manage lesson plans, upload and update lesson notes and other instructional materials.


Manage and keep track of patients (staff and students) medical bio, medical forms, lab test details, medical check-up results. Manage pharmacy, keep track of drugs in stock and out of stock.


Manage books, keep track of lending, returning and renewal of books. Access e-books, audio books and videos.


Manage hostels, rooms and bedspace. Assign students to hostel. Automatic hostel allocation.


Manage drivers, buses and routes. Allocate students to route and view trip logs. Notify parents of ward pickup and dropoff.


Add, manage and categorize items to inventory. Keep track of procurements and items that are out of stock. View list of items in inventory and their valuation. Print inventory reports.


Create and manage class timetable, auto-generate timetables based subject appearance per day and per week.


Manage staff payments (salaries, pensions etc.) , generate staff payslip, payment history and summary.

Email & Internal Messaging

Send memos, reminders and notifications to parent, student and staff via the email and internal message system.

Admission Form

Online admission form, manage enrollments and admissions by batch. Schedule candidates for interview.

Accounting (fee, expense & budget)

Create and manage different class bills accross terms, view and apply fee payment. View payment register, generate payment receipt and print payment reports. Categorize, manage and monitor school expenditures. Generate and print daily, weekly, monthly and termly expense reports.

Records & Result

Manage students academic records, monitor and analyse students performance, generate transcript, class broadsheet other academic reports. Enter/Update students academic (Cognitive/Behavioural/Psychomotive/Progress) result, Termly/Quaterly/Weekely/Daily.


Manage staff and students' attendance. Keep track of lateness and absentism. Generate daily, monthly or termly attendance report.


Send alerts, bulk SMS, quick messages to parents, staff or specific recipients via text message and/or, schedule message to be sent at a particular time.


Manage students' details, add new student, transfer student and manage alumni.


Manage staff details (teaching and non teaching), add new staff.


Manage existing classes, create new classes, add arms to an existing class. Promote and manage students by class.


Manage existing subjects, add new subjects, assign subjects to classes, group subjects, manage subjects and learning targets.


Manage parent details, assign wards to parent, add new parent (father, mother or guardian).


Create and manage academic calendar and events. Manage academic sessions and terms.

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