Why Choose Prodigy School Management Software

See why schools choose Prodigy School Management Software.

After Sales Support

Our deal with your school does not end after your purchase/installation. To us, we are in partnership with you towards achieving your goals. We offer amazing support. To that effect, our support lines are always available. Call on us, we are always ready to help.


The school system & processes constantly changes, better methods and standards are always adopted in order to improve the system. Having this in mind, we are open to feedback from you and your request for additional functionality, features and modules to meet you and your school's needs.

Software Updates

The rate of development of ICT is taking place with considerable speed. With the introduction of new devices and technologies, new user requirements always emerge and existing ones keep changing. We are constantly innovating and evolving, and our software is constantly being updated and upgraded to meet up with the trends in new technology.

Growth & Scalability

The goal of every organization is to grow. As your school grows, your records, number of staff, parents, students and the overall data of your school keeps growing too. Prodigy School Management Software is designed with scalability in mind. As you grow we grow with you. Be it 200 or 200,000 students and staff, Prodigy School Management Software would handle your data.

Data Security & Privacy

The security and privacy of your school data is very important to us. We have put systems in place that ensures that data transfers are encrypted with an end-to-end encryption so that unauthorized parties can’t access it. Prodigy School Management Software ensures that every user is being authenticated, authorized and identified. Regarding data privacy, we do not sell or share your school data and assure you of your data's confidentiality and integrity.

Availability & Backup

By using Prodigy School Management Software, your school data is available to you at any time. Well designed and formidable systems have been put in place to ensure maximum uptime. Your school data is important to us and it is our duty to keep you school data safe. Prodigy School Management Software ensures an automatic backup of your school data which you can download.