A Web-based School Management Software for growing schools and groups of schools.

Prodigy School Management Software automates school processes, unifies systems that are fragmented in schools and use data-science to create a cost-efficient and improved administration process.

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Helping schools achieve their goals

Managing a school and bringing together different sections to achieve its mission is not an easy task. Prodigy School Management Software helps schools achieve this by:

Prodigy School Management Software

Improving administrative processes

By eliminating redundancy with automation, Prodigy School Management Software ensures an organized and seamless administrative process. Prodigy School Management Software uses data science to analyze schools data (big data) and simplify the outcome in a comprehensive format for easy decision making, setting and prioritizing goals, and monitoring overall progress.

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Prodigy School Management Software

Seamless communication accross the board

Communication is very essential in a modern school system. By eliminating needless complexity and stressful sorting, Prodigy School Management Software makes communication across the board easy via different channels (text message, email and internal messaging). Communication is streamlined so that parents, staff, students, directors and administrators can work together.

Prodigy School Management Software

Keeping track of finances

Running a modern school and achieving its goals cannot take place without money. From income (fees, donations, funding etc.) down to payment of staff salaries and other forms of expenditures, Prodigy School Management Software, keeps track of all financial activities, prevents fraud and ensures a detailed financial report.

Prodigy School Management Software

Storage, access and retention of school records

Record keeping is very central to effective administration. Prodigy School Management Software provides a digital storage of schools’ data and ensures availability anytime it is needed. Schools can access their records on any device that has a browser and an internet connection. At the click of a button, schools can retrieve, sort, search, update existing records and add new ones.

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Prodigy School Management Software

Multiple school locations

Be it a network of schools across states or different locations, Prodigy School Management Software ensures accessibility, transparency and productivity across the board, bringing about clarity to the overall operations all from one platform. Accessing each school is just at the click of a button. Whether it is 5, 10 or more locations, no extra installation is required.

Prodigy School Management Software
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Simple, Secure and Affordable

Be it a single school location or groups of schools, Prodigy School Management Software can be used by Montessori, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

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